What is Apex West?

Apex West is the premier accounting solution provider in the state of Utah. We have been partnering with non-profit companies for over 15 years helping to reduce costs, improve cash flow and create healthier budgets all around. 


Bookkeeping – Proven accounting systems and processes that allow you to know your financial position and manage your organization.

Tax Preparation – We can provide your data to your current tax payer or if you don’t have one, let us do this for you.

Bill Pay – Increase the efficiency of paying your bills by allowing us to prepare them for you.  We can cut your processing time by 50%.

Financial Reporting – Monthly detailed financial reports along with access to your data anytime and anywhere.

Dashboards – Want the information now, our dashboards provide key metrics for you to look at on a daily basis.  Allowing you to make timely and critical decisions faster.

Payroll – Integrated solutions to provide a seamless efficient way to manage payroll taxes, benefits and your HR services.

Fraud Prevention – Our approval and reconciliation processes will help to prevent fraud from occurring.